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COVID-19 Services

COVID-19 Services


COVID-19 vaccination in progress in a community in Oyo State, Nigeria


About COVID-19 Services

IHVN provides COVID-19 services in Nasarawa, Federal Capital Territory, Rivers, and Kastina states through high-level collaboration with the national and state primary health care development agencies. We provide technical support at the national and sub-national levels – Technical Working Groups, and the vaccinating teams in line with the SCALES strategy of the Federal Government of Nigeria.  We were able to support the FGoN to vaccinate over 2M Nigerians (an achievement of our program).

Strategies deployed to support the Federal Government to vaccinate more than 2 million Nigerians include:

  • Proper stakeholder engagement with the community and religious leaders.
  • Targeted Behaviour Change Communication messages in partnership with Breakthrough Action-Nigeria.
  • Sustained support to the COVID-19 vaccination teams.
  • Community-driven mass campaign teams.
  • Facility-based activities in demand creation for maximal COVID-19 vaccination uptake.
  • Sustained ward-level engagement of opinion leaders for vaccination drives in their communities

With Program Integration (PI) we are linking the people living with HIV (PLHIV) to comprehensive healthcare through integrated patient-centred approaches, this will enhance the quality of life of PLHIVs. PLHIVs can now receive care for HIV/COVID-19/Non-Communicable Diseases/Tuberculosis in the same clinic.