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Supply Chain Management Department

Supply Chain Management Department

About The Supply Chain Management Department

The Supply Chain Management Department plans and manages the operations of local and international procurements. It ensures that necessary equipment, drugs, laboratory reagents and consumables are made available for both the Institute and implementation sites. It also coordinates the process of ordering commodities based on aggregated demand requirements and inbound logistics coordination.

We make short- and long-term projections and analysis of procurement activities. Other activities of the department include managing and monitoring procurement process data and performance.

The department also has an agreement with a third-party Logistics Company for the management of logistics, warehousing, distribution, report collection from facilities and capacity building as required.

For quality to be maintained and timeliness achieved, the department negotiates with vendors and oversees the entire activities.

IHVN Procurement SOP- PDF

Unit contact email: [email protected]

Supply Chain Management Team